Introduction to Computational Topology

COSC 249.09, Fall 2021

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Tue Thu 2:25p–4:15p (Eastern Time)
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Nov 9
Oct 26
Oct 20
Homework β is out, due by 11/15 (Mon)11/26.
Oct 12
Oct 5
Homework α is out, due by 11/15 (Mon)11/26. The deadline is firm so I'll have enough time to grade.
Sep 30
The deadline of Homework 2 has been moved to 10/11, after feedback from the students.
Sep 27
Homework 2 is out, due by 10/4 (next Monday)10/11.
Sep 21
Homework 1 is out, due by 9/27 (next Monday).
Sep 13
Homework 0 is out, due by 9/20 (next Monday). Please submit all your solutions to the homework problems through Canvas.
Sep 3
Hello, welcome to COSC 249.09! This is the webpage for the upcoming course on computational topology. I'm still preparing for the course; please bear with me! If you see any broken links please do let me know.

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